Established in 2010, Guangzhou Shengbang Sport Field Material Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacture of the sport field material and stadium related product. Our prefabricated running track, full PU running track and sandwich running track product are certified by World Athletics Federation (formerly IAAF), and sport court material is certified by International Tennis Federation (ITF ).

In 2021, we moved to a Grade A office building, expanded a new factory, and invested 30 million dollars to upgrade the fully automated production workshop. Sheng Bang has become a high-tech enterprise leader in the sports industry.

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Founded in Guangzhou, China
Modern production base
national patents have been obtained so far
Polyurethane runway series
Prefabricated rubber roll material
Semi prefabricated seamless Roll
Stadium Material Series
Safety ground series
Shengbang Products
Shengbang specializes in the production, research and development, and sales of court flooring materials, and its product series include polyurethane runway series, prefabricated runway series, acrylic court series, and silicon Pu court series. Covering a number of product series such as middle-end, high-end, etc.,.
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Running Track Supplied and Installed by SSG Sports is Approved by Chinese Athletic Association

Synthetic running track in Guangzhou Sport University was renovated in September and October, 2023 by Guangzhou Shengbang Sport Field Material Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as SSG Sports). The synthetic running track system is full PU system.And the trac...

The First Pan Sport Summit of Shengbang Group 2023

 As Chinese sport business is embracing its spring in the recent years during which the national fitness infrastructure has been improving and related business such as sport tutoring, sport tourism, sport event management is flourishing, the First Pan Sport Summit of Shen...

Construction of First Phase of South China Normal University (Shanwei Campus) was Completed and Put into Service on August 28th

 After more than 400 days and nights’ hard work, first phase of South China Normal University (Shanwei Campus) was Completed and put into service on August 28th (hereinafter SCNY-Shawei Caumpus) and SCNY-Shawei Caumpus will welcome its first batch of undergraduate on...

Inauguration Ceremony of “Sport Court Renovation Project” in Sihui High School

 Developed in response to the demands of kids and youth and in Sihui Disctrict, Guangdong Province , Shengbang Sport partner with Jeremy Lin-Li Qun Sports Foundation to present “ Sport Court Renovation Project” . This project aims to address the lack of opportu...

Eventful Sport Weekends For SSG Sports

 Tennis enthusiasts gathered at the Dongguan Tennis Sport Center in Nov 13 and 14 for the 3rd Guangdong -Hong Kong - Macao Greater Bay Area The Hong Kong Jockey Club Tennis Team Competition And Guangdong Amateur Tennis Open. SSG Sports, as long standing supporter of sport,...

Healthy & environmentally friendly
sports ground project
Recommended brands of sports ground materials
for domestic and foreign governmental organizations and educational systems
Jiangxi Yongxiu stadium
Jiangxi Yongxiu stadium

The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Santa Nankai Middle School
Santa Nankai Middle School

Guangzhou Sport University
Guangzhou Sport University

Affiliated High School of South China Normal University
Affiliated High School of South China Normal University

The Affiliated High School of South China Normal University (SCNU), abbreviated as Huafu in Chinese, is among the first schools designated as a “State-Level Model High School”, the only one of its kind that is co-managed by the Ministry of Education of Guangdong Province and South China Normal University. With Guangdong Olympiad School (supervised by Guangdong Education Department) as a constituent part, Huafu is also honored with the title of “The Red Army School Affiliated to South China Normal University”. 

Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School Zengcheng Experimental School
Guangzhou Zhixin Middle School Zengcheng Experimental School


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Shengbang is a certified manufacturer by the WA World Association of Athletics Federations (WAF), the ITF International Tennis Federation (ITF), and the China Athletics Association (CAA), and has installed professional sports venues in more than 100 countries around the world. Shengbang actively works closely with many professional testing organizations and associations to receive the latest information at any time and keep the performance of our products at the world's advanced level.
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